Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service


       The General Membership Agreement between your ( Member , User or Advertiser ) and sparkadz.com set out the terms of your Membership.

       You must read carefuly , understand and agree to the terms and conditions of Membership Agreement by marking ' Accept ' while registring with us.

       If you do not agree to the Membership Agreement of sparkadz.com. We are unwilling to allow you to be our member.



       Only one acount per ip address is allowed. Attempting to create more than one account will lead to suspension all relevant account.

       Members must log in atleast once every 30 days to stay active to prevent from the loss of your main balance , direct referrals , rented referrals etc.

       You must speak and understand Englisg in order to use our services. Same will be applicable when you are contacting us.

       The using of any kind of auto-click software is strictly Prohibited.

       Accounts are not transferable. It cannot be traded , sold under any circumstances. Each account has a personal data , so trading is extremely Prohibited.



       The website should not contain pornographic , racist , vulgar , ilegal or any adult content of any kind.

       The website should not contain any frame breakers.

       The website should not promote or contain viruses.

       The website should not contain any prompts such as download dialogs or confirmation alerts.

       The website should not have pop up or pop under window.



       We accept members from all countries.

       You should not refer a person of your household.

       You can only rent referrals when they are availabe and within the limit of your current membership.

       The clicks made by your referrals will be credited to you instantly,if you met the click requirements.



       All payments are made as described in our site.

       Member's are not allowed to send the payment to another person's payment processor account.

       All payments will be processed within 5 to days as per the membership.

       We are not responsible for the payments with the wrong payment processors information. No refund or no reimbursements.

       Member's should withdraw their payment from which payment processors they have made a deposit.

       Sharing/Posting your payment proof is a must before requesting for the next payment.



       All purchased items are non refundable as the items are delivered instantly upon purchase. You also agreed to our ToS , while registring.



       All payments to soarkadz.com want to be made from the available links at ' your account '.



       We have the rights to suspend or terminate your account at anytime , for any reason without notice.

       We have the rights to change our terms at anytime without any notice.